Lois Olsen, painter, sculptor - A modern impressionist artist

I work in a free, impressionist manner in my paintings, allowing the viewer to see how the strokes are applied and feel the energy and excitement that I feel while painting.

When I create an abstract or non-objective painting, my goal is to explore the medium and the surface using non-traditional methods and tools while being conscious of the basic art elements of line, shape, color and texture, still allowing the dynamics of creation to be visible.

It is the same with my sculpture, the tool marks are not hidden, I want the viewer to see they were handmade and sense the pleasure that went into making them.

I began drawing at age three by adding bright colors to expensive black and white photographs with my crayons. Somehow my parents forgave me and encouraged my artistic interests, taking me to museums and providing a book on drawing and painting, from which I learned the basic skills.

All through school and university I was able to continue learning and developing these skills and I still enjoy learning from others and experimenting with new ideas.

Contact Lois at: Lois@LoisArtStudio.com

Boats and Wash - plein air oil, 9" x 6"